Saturday, April 10, 2010

Of Course I Forgot To Get Pictures

Wednesday night,  Mike comes out of the kitchen with a paper towel in his hand.  He said he had just found something in the kitchen floor.  He opened the paper towel to reveal a small snake!  I have heard stories from several people about finding snakes in their houses, but it was a first for us.  Someone just recently told me that she found a snake skin in her bathroom one time and never saw the snake!  I think I would get a little freaked about that!  We released the snake in the backyard and hope he decides he likes it better out there.   


  1. Hope the snake has stayed outside this week. Don't think I would have gone close enough to get a photo! :-) Maybe a camera with a long zoom ....

  2. Your girls are all very beautiful, each very different, and of course Rachel is looking very mature with her new glasses, she is so very pretty....*warm smiles* Deborah the Canadian Nurse ...