Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snoop Dog

Last Saturday, Allison and I walked into the local Petco to buy some guinea pig supplies and we walked out with a dog!  I can usually walk away from those rescue adoptions, but Saturday, it was different.  Not sure why, but this little guy caught our attention and now he has a forever home!  We have gone round and round all week trying to come up with a name.  Nobody liked the same name, but after seven days and about fourteen name changes, I think it is finally unanimous....... so meet Snoop Dog a.k.a. Snoopy.  He is a nine pound chihuahua mix.  He is a little thin right now, so he will likely put on some weight, but I don't think he will grow much bigger.   


Cookie is still trying to decide what he thinks about the new addition.  They are enjoying some  play time together, but Cookie is probably about seven years old and Snoopy is only about four to six months, so Cookie can take it or leave it and Snoopy cannot say hi without chewing on you.  He still has some puppy teeth, much to Cookie's dismay!  Can you tell that Cookie doesn't know what to do with Snoopy in the picture below.  This is Cookie's crate, but Snoopy will not stay out of it!  He has one of his own, but it must not be a comfortable.  Cookie is such a sweetie to share his bed!  He has been very patient with Snoopy, thank goodness.  

This is one of Snoopy's favorite positions to sleep!  Looks a little uncomfortable doesn't it?!  He slept curled up in a little ball the first several days, but he is getting more comfortable and starting to stretch out and get comfortable.  It will be neat to get to know him and his quirky little traits.  He cried a little the first three nights when we put him to bed, but since then he has done great.  we are still working with the potty training, but hopefully soon he will have that down too. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Gotta refuel before the Trick-or-Treating starts.  Rapunzel loves her chicken nuggets!!

One more year with all three girls.  There was talk from Allison and Leah that they wanted to go with friends, but none of the plans worked out and they went with me and Rachel.  It is hard to believe that our days of dressing up and Trick-or Treating will be coming to an end in the not so distant future. 

Rachel scared me at first, because as soon as she got her costume on, she wanted to take it off.  She was almost in tears because I wouldn't let her take it off.  I told her to just keep it on long enough for me to take pictures, then she could take it off.  Fortunately, she got over it and was ready to take on the night, costume and all. 

I LOVE decorative pumpkins!  Each year, I tell myself that I will not buy another one.  This year, I was good up until the last minute.  I bought another one of the fake carvable ones.  I found a cute picture on the internet and copied it......below is my newest addition.    

Now all the decorations are put away and I am wondering why I had to have another pumpkin.  I guess I am going to have to go out and buy another storage box for my Halloween stuff, because I have filled up the two I have.  Oh yeah, and yesterday I went into CVS and all their stuff was 50% off.  Now I have a little scarecrow to add to my now full decorations boxes!  Today, Allison asked if would could decorate for Christmas at the end of November.......let the holiday season begin!