Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snoop Dog

Last Saturday, Allison and I walked into the local Petco to buy some guinea pig supplies and we walked out with a dog!  I can usually walk away from those rescue adoptions, but Saturday, it was different.  Not sure why, but this little guy caught our attention and now he has a forever home!  We have gone round and round all week trying to come up with a name.  Nobody liked the same name, but after seven days and about fourteen name changes, I think it is finally unanimous....... so meet Snoop Dog a.k.a. Snoopy.  He is a nine pound chihuahua mix.  He is a little thin right now, so he will likely put on some weight, but I don't think he will grow much bigger.   


Cookie is still trying to decide what he thinks about the new addition.  They are enjoying some  play time together, but Cookie is probably about seven years old and Snoopy is only about four to six months, so Cookie can take it or leave it and Snoopy cannot say hi without chewing on you.  He still has some puppy teeth, much to Cookie's dismay!  Can you tell that Cookie doesn't know what to do with Snoopy in the picture below.  This is Cookie's crate, but Snoopy will not stay out of it!  He has one of his own, but it must not be a comfortable.  Cookie is such a sweetie to share his bed!  He has been very patient with Snoopy, thank goodness.  

This is one of Snoopy's favorite positions to sleep!  Looks a little uncomfortable doesn't it?!  He slept curled up in a little ball the first several days, but he is getting more comfortable and starting to stretch out and get comfortable.  It will be neat to get to know him and his quirky little traits.  He cried a little the first three nights when we put him to bed, but since then he has done great.  we are still working with the potty training, but hopefully soon he will have that down too. 


  1. Snoopy is very cute and Cookie is very kind and tolerant. I think there are definitely advantages to having a younger and older dog rather than two puppies. Bet you'll have lots of fun with two!

  2. So sweet. Love the name Snoopy! Cookie is an awesome dog to allow Snoopy in, but you're right, he looks nervous!