Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Camera!

I finally got a new camera.  It is nothing fancy, one of the cheapest you can get, but it does all kinds of neat things.  I think I am going to like this one.  The girls and I had fun playing with the night we got it.  It can take pictures in black and white.  Not such a big deal since I can change the pics to black and white on the computer, but it is fun to play with. 

It can take pictures in sepia.  Once again I can do this on the computer, but who knew you could do it with a camera!  Fun.

It has smile detection and will take a picture automatically when it detects a smile.........it is not perfect though as noted here with the picture it took of Allison.  I guess a smile is subjective!  

It takes pictures in low light with out using the flash.  I have no idea how it does this. 

And it takes panorama shots.  Fun to play with, even though there is a little distortion.  That is me way off in the background (I blend in with the furniture).  I spent seven hours Saturday painting that silly pool deck with a sponge.  I am just about done, thank goodness.  All I need to do now is paint the area where all the furniture was sitting Saturday.  Sure I could have taken the furniture off of the porch and done it all at once, but after seven hours, I was not able to do anymore anyway.   

My last camera was just two years old and it was eight megapixels.  The new camera is fourteen megapixels.  Technology is sure changing quickly these days!  It is good to have a camera again.   

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