Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day Of School

It is that time again!  The girls went back to school this week.  Allison and Leah started on Monday and Rachel started on Thursday.  I tried my best to get them to ake Rachel on Monday, but they wouldn't........actually, I forgot that she was not supposed to start until Thursday and I got her up and dressed and to school bright and early Monday morning.  She is in the same class as last year so the teacher knows her (and me) so she let Rachel stay in the class for about 15-20 minutes while I got Leah into her new classroom and settled in and ran to the school office to take care of some paperwork. 

Things seem to be going smoothly.  Allison is in 6th grade at the school she has attended since 1st grade.  She seems to like her teachers and is pleased with the friends she knows in her homeroom class.  Leah is now at the school Rachel is attending.  We were rezoned last spring, but Allison was grandfatered into the old school for her last year.  Leah has two little girls she knows from our neighborhood in her class, so she is happy about that.  She is also in a multiage classroom with 4th graders.  I am curious to see how that is going to work out.  Right now, I feel a little uneasy about it.  I am not yet sure if I like that or not.  Rachel is in kindergarten again this year.  she has the same teachers as last year.  She will be going into the indergarten classroom more often this year and will be pulled out only for academics and therapy.  The teacher told me that they would send an aide in there with her at first and then try to give it a go without the aide.  We will see how that goes.  I am excited and scared at the same time.  I hope it goes okay and Rachel can gain some independence this year! 

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  1. Love Allison's T-shirt! Hope everyone has a great year.