Friday, September 3, 2010

I Cannot Believe It Is September

This time of year I start wishing I did not live in Florida.  I long to have the temps start cooling down and the trees turn colors.  But that does not happen here.  Instead I put up my autumn colored wreaths in the heat and sweat through Halloween.  If we are lucky, it is a little cooler in November.  Well, cool enough that you don't HAVE to wear shorts.  Since I cannot have autumn colors outside, I will just have to settle for having them on my blog!   

One thing this Florida weather allows us to do is grow things year round, so about two weeks ago, I  let Allison plant a "garden" in a flowerbed that I had just cleaned out.  She decided she needed to grow vegetables for us so that we don't have to "spend so much money" at the grocery store.  So far I have invested $5/plant for 5 plants and then $20 dollars for tomato cages.  Oh yeah, and another couple of dollars for a bag of mulch.  I hope these plants start producing soon!  Actually, I am not really sure how it will work out. With less sun and eventually cooler temps, I am not sure if the plants will make vegetables or not.  We will see.  

Here are a couple of pics of Allison's "garden."  It is around the plumbing for the pool pump, so it is not a pretty place for one, but if noise helps plants grow, then the sound of the air conditioner and pool pump should makes these plants THRIVE!  Why here, you might ask.  Well, we had to dig up the plants that I had around there, because they were choking off the plumbing,  You couldn't see the pipes and controls anymore.  Before I got around to dismantling the bed, Allison said she wanted a garden. Viola!  I may have made a mistake letting her plant the zucchini.  It is getting huge!   


  1. Love the garden, hope you get lots of fresh vegies!

  2. Best of luck with that garden, Allison !! You know I'm a fan of the veggies :)