Monday, October 4, 2010

One Month Down............

Rachel has been taking her thyroid medication for a month now.  I am glad to say that it has not been too hard to get the pill down her.  At first she gagged a little when I put it in her mouth, but she got it down.  She will still sometimes gag a little when she just sees me getting the pill out of the bottle, LOL!! 

After taking the meds for a couple of days, she started protesting when I would say it was time to take her medicine.  I was thinking it was going to get ugly, but she did not protest too hard, and now, she seems to understand that it is something she just has to do and protesting won't get her anywhere. 

Sometimes she seems to swallow it whole, but most of the time she chews it up a little before I can get her to take a drink of water.  She makes some nasty faces, but she gets it down.  Just this week I have been able to hand her the pill and get her to put it in her mouth. 

I am so proud of how she has adjusted to taking the medicine.  I was really thinking it was going to be an ordeal, and that I would have to get her up earlier for school in order to be able to get it down her and get her to school on time.  Leave it to Rachel to take it in stride.

For any moms out there who might not know, hypothyroidism is not uncommon in children with Down syndrome.  It is important to have regular check ups with an endocrinologist to monitor thyroid function.  We were taking Rachel in every six months.  Because we were monitoring her on a regular basis, we were able to catch it before Rachel was really experiencing any significant symptoms.

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  1. That's great Rachel is taking the medication so easily. She's a star!