Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The local soccer club has a program for children with disabilities.  We have never taken part in it before, but I thought I would let Rachel give it a shot this year.  Players from the local club volunteer as buddies for the special needs players, and the buddies do their best to get out there and keep the kids focused on soccer skills and games.  The volunteers often have their hands full!  Rachel has loved going out to the field to play.  She rarely is doing what she is supposed to be doing, but she is having fun and talks about soccer throughout the week.  I cannot say enough about the young volunteers that get out there with Rachel.  They have been so sweet and so patient.  Rachel has really kept them running for the hour and a half they are out there, so I am betting they go home pretty tired.     

Rachel and her buddy.

Learning how to kick the ball into the net.

The little kid in the white shirt sitting in the middle of the the field is Rachel.  Not sure what she was doing.  I am not sure she even noticed the game going on around her, haha!

 She is still sitting in the field............Oh well, she had a great time!

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