Friday, March 2, 2012

Looks Can Be Deceiving

They look sweet and innocent, don't they?!?  Well....they are sweet.  Innocent, they are not!  Cookie has turned into a pretty good dog.  We had problems early on with him wanting to to get food off of the table and he even pee'd on the table, yes you heard that right!  But for the most part he doesn't give us problems, anymore.  Snoopie on the other hand is driving my crazy.  He is all puppy.....full of energy, bouncing of everything (literally), wanting to play or chew on something all the time, and still trying to figure out that he is not supposed to pee in the house.  Just when I comment on the fact that he has has not had an accident in the house in a while, he turns around and does just that.  Last weekend, he proceeded to pee in the floor not 12 inches from where I was standing.  I hope one day he figures it out, because claeaning up after him has gotten old.  I still have no idea what prompted me to bring that little guy home in November.  It was like I was watching myself do something I knew I shouldn't, but I could not stop myself.  Cookie is enjoying having a buddy, though.  Looking into those big brown eyes makes it almost seem worth it.  It is hard to imagine that both of these little guys were once wandering the streets alone.  They are a pain in the a$$#%, but we love them just the same.       

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  1. Oh! Look at those faces! How can you be mad at those sweet puppy dog faces?!? :)