Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama January 2013

 Our trip home to Alabama was fun.  Cold, but fun!  The visit consisted of riding lawn mowers;

building fires and making smores;

visiting with family we have not seen in quite some time;

celebrating birthdays.  Both Jane and Leah had a birthday while we were there.

swinging, swinging and swinging!!! 

playing Frisbee with gigantic Frisbee Leah got for her birthday;

Even Daddy Hawk got in on the fun!

The weather kept us inside a lot of the time, so I am thankful for all the electronic devices the kids have.  Here Rachel shows Daddy Hawk how to work the iPad.


We sometimes got the kids to put down the electronics and play some old fashioned board games.

On the way home to Florida, we stopped by the Montgomery Zoo for Jane to do a little zoo work.  While she talked to the primate keepers, the girls and I toured the zoo.  It was pretty chilly and we were there early, so we were almost the only people there.  It was a short visit, but the girls had fun.

The animals were all enjoying the warm sunshine!   

We even got our own private train ride. 

It was a great visit home and as always the girls loved hanging out with their cousins, but we were very glad to get back to the warmer temperatures in Florida!


  1. Great pics of happy memories. I was glad to get to see yall again. The kids are growing up so fast. Kelly

  2. Love these pictures! Hard to remember how cold it was then, since it is 80 degrees here right now. Can you email me some of these pictures?

    1. Yes, I was planing on doing that soon.