Thursday, March 14, 2013

Labs, Braces, And Paint

We got the results back from Rachel's lab work and everything points to Celiac Disease.  We have an appointment with a Pediatric gastroenterologist on Monday.  I came home today to a message from the GI doctor.  He stated that he was trying to contact me because, based on the numbers he saw on Rachel's labs, he wants to perform a procedure while we are there on Monday.  I am assuming that means he wants to do a biopsy, since that is the way to definitively diagnose Celiac Disease.  Not the results I wanted to hear, but not anything we can't handle, either.  I will be glad to get over to see the doctor and get a final answer so that we can move forward with the diet change if it is necessary.

Allison got her braces today.  The staff said she did great and she has not had any complaints so far, thank goodness.  The orthodontist told her that her teeth would be very sore after she got the spacers two weeks ago, and she said they never hurt.  Today they told her that her teeth would be getting sore within two hours, but so far so good.  Not sure why she is not hurting, but glad it has been so easy for her so far.  I remember when I got mine, I was hurting within the first two hours!  Allison also got some good news from the orthodontist.  She does not have any wisdom teeth!  YAY!  I never had any, either.  I told her she owes me for that! 

We are getting our house painted in the next week.  The painter showed up here today and started pressure washing and will be back tomorrow.  I guess they will start painting Monday or Tuesday.  I am nervous about the colors I have picked.  I have the hardest time picking paint colors.  They never look like I expect them to.  I have painted two small areas on the house and have looked at them over several days and in different light.....shade, direct sun, etc.  I hope I will like it.   

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