Sunday, May 5, 2013

Showtime 2013

Yesterday was Showtime, a special presentation where the barn gets all the riders together to show what they have learned in the past year.  It was very cloudy and windy with off and on drizzle, but they were able to pull it off.  To Rachel is is an extra day of getting to ride Pepper.
Here is Rachel giving Mrs. Pam a high five and getting ready to go into the arena.  

This is Rachel with her volunteer, Mrs. Trudy.  She is such a sweet lady.  She and her husband are snowbirds, and she made her husband wait until the riding season was over before she left to go home for the summer.  I hope she will be back with us in the fall.

Rachel shows off her ribbon and trophy.  She got the trophy because this was her fifth year riding.  I cannot believe she has been riding so long!

Here is a picture from when Rachel first started riding.  Look how little she was!  Her helmet was bigger than she was!  LOL

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