Friday, July 25, 2008

Video Too


  1. Now that they've got the boating thing all figured out, I'd like to give them a lesson on the motorbike... do you have a pool handy? xoxo Auntie Rose

  2. This is great!!! I am impressed that you are doing this. I will take my laptop and show it to Mom. You go girl!!! I really think that you need the photo of Unk water skiing to add to this.

    Love to all,
    Frances Ann

  3. Excellent synchronized paddling ladies! Too bad we don't have a picture of Rose bouncing off the pool- that would be a good one to show off. Mike - fill them in.
    Aunt Lou

  4. Tracy,
    I got your note.

    It's in the blood.
    Nurture all you want.
    Nature is going to drive us Keirnan girls to aim our recreational craft at objects so incredibly large they exert their own gravitational pull.