Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trouble In The Making

Here are the girls playing around outside this afternoon. It makes me dread when they turn sixteen!!

We are having a busy weekend. Jane brought her girls over yesterday afternoon, because she has to work all weekend. As soon as Jane left, I loaded up all five girls and headed to Allison's soccer game. This was Allison first ever game, and probably her last. She and Leah have not really taken to soccer this spring. They thought they wanted to play,until I signed them up for a team. Anyway......we got home about 8:15pm, sent the girls upstairs to shower and ordered pizza. Before we knew it, it was 11:00pm and the girls were still running around the house!! All except for Rachel. She almost crashed before the pizza arrived, so right after she ate, she feel asleep.

We got up this morning and got going again. We all got ready and out of the house by 9:30am to get to a birthday party for twin girls in Leah's first grade class. The party was at 10:00am, but as usual, I had to run by the store to pick up a gift before we went to the party. Nothing like procrastination! We dropped off Leah and a neighbor, who is also in Leah's class, at the party. After dropping the two party girls off, the other four girls and I headed over to the local wildlife hospital. I have been collecting gopher tortoises and taking them to the hospital for the staff to relocate. The state is building a road through our neighborhood, and they will just bury those poor things in their burrows when they build the road! I have helped to relocate five so far, and this morning we found a sixth tortoise in the road as we were heading to the party. From the wildlife hospital, we headed to Rachel's horseback riding. It is always lots of fun to have kids with you at the horse barn that are not riding, they get bored very quickly. Fortunately, it was "show" day and they were selling food and drinks, so the big girls kept relatively busy running back and forth to the concession stand.

This afternoon was free from any scheduled activities, so the girls got to just hang out around the pool and play outside. Mike came home at 4:30pm and took the nieces and Leah to the beach. Allison has been such a stinker all day that she was grounded, so Rachel and I had to stay home with Allison. I hate having to be grounded too! Rachel had gotten pretty cold in the pool earlier, so I don't think she minded not having to put on the swimsuit again. Tonight, I hope to get the girls fed to bed earlier. They want to sleep in the tent in the playroom, but that does not make for earlier sleep, so I am not so sure about that. Tomorrow we have to be up for church so I need them to go to sleep on time tonight. I have to teach this month, so I have to be on time tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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