Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is It Nearly The End Of April Already?

It has been a busy week. Last weekend Leah had a four hour long birthday party to attend. Four hours!!! Fortunately, she is now old enough to be left at the party, so I did not have to stay. What was that mother thinking?! The party started at the Pizza Gallery, where the girls had lunch. The party then moved to Justice (a clothing store for tween girls) where the girls got lots of goodies and "makeovers." Check out Leah's hair after her makeover.

On Sunday, Mike rode his motorcycle up to the space center to catch a glimpse of the space shuttles. It is a rare occasion that two shuttles are on launch pads at the same time. If you look closely, you can see the fuselage of both shuttles in this picture.
Monday I went to visit the school that Rachel will be attending in the fall. She will be going to kindergarten!!!! It seems to be a really nice program. There are two little girls that Rachel knows from last year there already, so she will have friends. I hope she remembers them. After the school visit, I had to go into Allison's class to volunteer. That took up all morning. Grandpa came down Monday afternoon to stay with us and help watch the kids for us on Tuesday so I could go on a field trip with Allison. We had a nice dinner that evening visiting with Grandpa.

Tuesday started bright and early. Allison and I had to be at school at 6:45am. At 7:00am the buses left for St. Augustine. We arrived there about 9:30am and toured the sites ALL day. It was a beautiful day, but we were all worn out by the time the buses loaded up at 5:00pm to head home. We got home about 7:30pm. Fortunately, Grandpa, Leah and Rachel had survived the day. I had left Grandpa a note about what to do and when, and he said that things went smoothly. I know he was glad to have that day over!!!! Mike had a busy day too. He had to leave the house about 6:00am to fly over to Lakeland for the Sun-n-Fun airshow for his work. He got home around 6:30pm that evening. He has had to keep that schedule all week long. He is going to be tired when he finally makes his last flight over there tomorrow! Below are some pics from the St. Augustine field trip. A BIG thanks to Grandpa for being for us, we really appreciate it!

Thursday I took Rachel into the doctor for a well check to get her paperwork completed for the kindergarten registration. Turns out her ears are red!! The doctor allowed me to decline antibiotics for an ear infection for the moment, since Rachel has not had any other symptoms. I will have to take her back next week for a recheck and if they are red then, she will have to start on some meds. Who knew?!?!

Friday, I went in and registered Rachel for kindergarten. It seems so strange to think that she is old enough for that! She has been in school for the last three years (I cannot believe it has been three years already!), so it won't be a big change for her, but she will be staying all day instead of just til noon. I still think of her as a baby, but realizing that she is going to kindergarten, I am going to have to start thinking of her as a big girl. I am also going to have to work in the next couple of months to make her do as much for herself as she can. She will be in a special classroom, so they will not expect her to be independent, but they will want to mainstream her as much as possible, and the more independent she is, the more likely that will happen.

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