Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Zoomimg!!

Time escapes me! It has been really busy here lately. Since my last post Leah and I have gone on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center; the whole family went to Palm Coast to visit with Mike's dad and sister; and Rachel and I have made another trip to Orlando to see the Oral Motor specialist again. While Rachel and I were in Orlando, we visited with a friend of mine that I had not seen in probably 15 years! She was in Orlando on business, and it worked out perfectly to meet up with her for lunch!! Just this month, I have seen two old friends that I did not even know where they were just two months ago........Facebook has really let me reconnect with people from my past!!!!

Everyone is good, I think. Leah is starting to complain of a sore throat again, just a few days after her second round of antibiotics for strep throat. I hope that the strep bug is not still hanging around! The girls got their report cards on Friday. Allison got all As and one B!!!! The teacher says she is doing GREAT! Maybe holding her back in third grade is going to finally pay off. Leah got all Os (which means outstanding). We are so proud of them! Rachel does not get report cards, she gets a progress report, but it is not on the same schedule as the report cards. Her evaluation at the speech therapist's office in Orlando was good, though! The therapist says the exercises we are doing twice a day are really working. I am glad she thinks so, because I am really not sure I am doing them right. On Monday, Rachel bit the c@*!?*$!#@! out of my finger while I was doing one of her exercises. Not sure what that was all about, but she seemed to be mad at Allison for some reason. It REALLY hurt, but it did not draw blood.

I would put lots pictures in this post from our recent field trip and visit with grandpa, but while Rachel and I were visiting in Orlando, yesterday, Rachel started getting antsy. In order to entertain her, I let her look at videos on my camera. She was really enjoying it, and then decided to start pressing some buttons. She managed to delete all 200+ pictures and videos that I had on my camera. Of course I had not downloaded any of them to our hard drive. Mike is currently trying to recover them. He says he will be able to recover most of them. I am sooo glad he knows how to do that. At the moment, this is the only picture I have in my camera. It is a picture of Rachel last night right after dinner. I guess she had a big day going to Orlando for therapy and visiting................ all this zooming is wearing Rachel out!

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