Monday, April 13, 2009

The Keys

We had a nice trip to the Keys. Despite the trip reminding me of all the things I detest about camping, we had a good time. We arrived on Big Pine about 3:00pm and set up the campsite. Afterwards, we wandered around the beaches and trails, then went to the pool. After swimming, we went back to the camp site and cooked dinner. Before we knew it, it was bedtime. The weather was a little cool, so the sleeping was not too uncomfortable. For some reason, though, Allison and I did not sleep to much. Mike and Rachel slept very well, snoring throughout the night!

Friday morning we loaded up and went to the nearby state park. We sat on the beach for a little bit, hiked up to the old bridge to check out the view, and headed back to camp for lunch. After lunch the girls went to the pool for a little while. Afterwards, we all took showers and drove over to Seacamp where I worked in the summers of '88 and '89 (yes, twenty years ago!!). The director offered us a room there-no air conditioner there either, but we did have our own bathroom. We ran back and packed up everything and head to our new room. After unpacking there, we headed down to Key West to the sunset celebration. we ate dinner there and headed back to Big Pine.

Saturday morning, Mike got up early and went fishing. About 10:00am we waded over to a nearby island to let the girls play in the sand and water for a little. After that we showered, ate lunch and packed up. We got home about 7:00pm. It was nice to be in the Keys again and the girls thought it was a really col place. Maybe next time we can stay longer. Below are some pictures of the trip.

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