Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break

This week has been rather laid back. Monday was the start of the girls' Spring Break, so we have been taking it easy. Sunday, Allison and Leah each had a friend over to play for the afternoon. They tried to swim in the pool.....well, they actually did swim in the pool, but not for long. This time of year the air temp is usually warm enough, but the water temp is a little chilly. They got in the pool, but only lasted about 15 minutes before they were too cold.

By late Sunday evening, Leah had managed to come down with a cold. I am betting swimming in the cold pool didn't help. She kept me up most of Sunday night complaining about not being able to breathe through her nose. That conversation went something like this........"Mommy, I can't breathe through my nose." (in hyper-whining mode) "Well, breathe through your mouth." "I don't sleep with my mouth open, so I can't breathe through my mouth either, so I can't sleep!!" I know we had this argument several times throughout the night, but Leah survived and managed to fall asleep some time after 2:00am or 3:00am, so she figured something out.

Monday, Leah ran a low grade fever for a little while and had a stuffy nose, so we didn't even leave the house. Not that we had any plans to, though. Allison kept pleading to have her friend back over, but the friend is about to travel to Colorado for vacation, so I figured her mom would not want her exposed to Leah, so I said no.......this was not what Allison wanted to hear, so I spent quite some time listening to her beg and plead her case.

Today, Leah was feeling better. I managed to get out to the grocery store, which was nice since we were really running low on food supplies. The weather was surprising. When we got up this morning, it was about 50 degrees and the wind was HOWLING. I know that doesn't sound cold to most of you, but that is winter weather for us! I want my spring weather back!!

Tomorrow will be a little more hectic, because Thursday morning we are leaving for a camping trip to the Keys. We are going to down to Big Pine Key on Thursday and coming home on Saturday. It is not long, but since we are camping, I am somewhat thankful for that. I have never been a camper, but we are trying to do things while not spending too much money. Should be interesting. The girls are REALLY excited about it. The weather is supposed to be good, so it should be a nice trip. Wish us luck!! Below are some recent pictures.
Leah wearing fake finger nails she printed off the computer. Yes, they are paper, and she taped them to her fingers.
Allison made her a set too. She couldn't stand the tape on her fingers, so she only wore them a few minutes before she asked me to take them off. I had to cut them out, tape them on and take them off. How do I get chosen to do all of this......why do I do all of this?!?
This picture was taken from our back door. We had a mommy otter and her pups in our yard this evening. It was soooo cool!!

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