Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Moments

When Rachel and I got to her class Friday morning the teacher looked at her shirt and saw the butterfly on the front. She asked Rachel, "What is that on your shirt?" Without looking down, Rachel said, "Pop tart!" Just so happened that she did not have pop tart smeared down the front of her shirt today, though. Most any other day, she would have been right!

I walked into the family room Friday afternoon, and Rachel was standing on the couch bouncing. She looked at me and said, "Jump?" Fortunately, me telling her not to jump worked, and she sat down instead of taking a leap. A while back, she stretched out her arms and took a swan dive off the couch. After she hit the floor, she looked back over her shoulder surprised, like she was shocked that the floor was so hard.

The big girls have come home from school with a new song. Think Black Sabbath's song, "Iron Man," and then insert the words, "I am the ice cream man. Twenty different flavors in the back of my van!" It is too funny to hear them sing that. Today, "Iron Man" came on the radio while we were in the car. The girls started singing their version. It was really funny. I have tried to get them to sing it for the camera so I could put it on the blog, but they refuse.
Here Rachel shows off her Easter basket. She was not too impressed with her new stuff. She kept handing her stuffed bunny back to Leah. I guess I should have told the Easter Bunny how much she likes Groovy Girls.

Allison hangs out in the hammock. We have no trees we can tie a hammock to, so Mike tied it to the rails of the garage door. The girls had a great time hanging out in it.

Leah has three eyes!! You would never guess it, but the third one is actually cardboard from Leah's happy meal box. Woooooooo.......very scary!

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