Friday, September 25, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

The weather turned out to be nice (sunny, but HOT!) Thursday afternoon, so Rachel got to go to her first riding class of the year. She had talked about the horses all summer and was heartbroken when Allison got to go to horse camp there in June and she did not get to ride, so I know she was happy to finally get a chance to ride again. Below are some pictures of Rachel at her horseback riding class.

She did not enjoy waiting for the class to start.......
Helmet on and ready to go.
Finally back on the horse and loving it.
Here she is tossing dice and getting the horse to take the number of steps she rolled. She gets practice throwing, counting, and following direction as she has to tell the horse to "walk on" to go and "whoa" to stop. She also was pulling on the reins to stop the horse. That was a first for her.
She is so little that she cannot reach the stirrups even when they are a short as they can go.

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