Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing New But Hairstyles

Not much going on these last several days. School and homework are keeping us busy. Rachel does not start back with horse back riding until September 21st, and the gymnastics class she went to two weeks ago did not meet last Saturday because the teacher was sick. It will be interesting to see what Rachel does in the class tomorrow. It is obvious she enjoys the horse back riding, but it will take a while before I can figure out if she likes gymnastics.

The girls all went and got haircuts yesterday. Allison is still on a quest to grow her hair as long as she can, so she just got a trim and there are no before and after pictures of her cut, but Leah went for a short bob, which really helped shape up her hair from the short haircut she had been growing out, and Rachel got a couple of inches taken off too. Below are some pictures.

Oh yeah......Leah lost another tooth this week. She has now lost eight teeth. That is the same number Allison has lost, so Leah thinks that is way cool. Leah actually asked me to pull the tooth. It didn't take much to get it out, but Allison would have never asked to have that done. Leah is my bravest kid.

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  1. Love Leah's new haircut, and am TOTALLY grossed out by the tooth story!!!!!