Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did I Say It Was Hot?!

Okay, so the calendar says it is October.......almost the middle of October, but someone forgot to tell the weather! It has been so hot here the last week and a half. Highs have been in the 90s and the humidity has been terrible. I am not sure if it is worse than some of the summer days, but if because it is October, it is just harder to take.

We had our annual Buddy walk on Saturday. Other than being really hot, it was nice. We have had rain the last couple of years, so I guess this was better. At times I would have enjoyed a little rain falling, I think. Rachel walked the whole way this year. It is the first time we have not taken a stroller. She loves to walk, and we often walk through the neighborhood, but with the heat, she was ready for somebody to carry her at the end. Because it was so hot, though Mike didn't want to put her on his shoulders and she is really getting too heavy (and tall) for me to carry for too long, so she made it on her own. Below are some pictures from the walk. We walk along the shore of the Indian River Lagoon, so it is a very pretty walk.
Saturday was also Rachel's birthday. I cannot believe she is six!!! After the Buddy Walk, we drove up to Palm Coast to visit with Grandpa. We had a little party with Grandpa and spent the night. Rachel got a new CD player. She has been playing with one Leah got a while back and it is not really meant for little ones, so it is taking a beating. This one has Dora on it, so I hope it means that it is made a little more kid friendly. She is loving it!! We also got her a Dora CD (Dora's Favorite Party Songs-I thought that was funny!). It has some of Rachel's favorite songs on it, so she has enjoyed playing that too.

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  1. Happy 6th birthday Rachel!!! Hope you have fun listening to the Dora CD.
    What a beautiful venue for the buddy walk. Great walking Rachel. Looks like fun!