Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally, A Break From The Heat

Another week and weekend have come and gone. We finally got a break from the heat. The high temp yesterday was about 65! We were freezing but loving it. Too soon we will be back in the 80s, though. I am hoping that we won't have to deal with the 90s again until spring! One can always hope!

The girls were out of school on Friday for a teacher inservice, but we just stayed around the house. Because the girls were out of school on Friday, I kept thinking that Thursday was Friday, and I totally forgot to take Rachel to horseback riding Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, she does not know! I have felt just terrible about that.

Saturday I did remember to take Rachel to gymnastics, thank goodness. We were the first ones there and that never happens. I started thinking I must have forgotten the time and the class was at 11:00am and not 10:00am. I was suddenly worried I was losing my mind! Fortunately, everybody else was just late, and I had arrived at the right time. There are just a few little girls in the class. Four of them have Down syndrome, one has a different disability, and one is a sibling that does not have a disability. Since the sibling gets to take part, I asked if Leah and Allison could be a part of the class on Saturday. The instructor let them, but I will have to contact the gym to be sure I can sign them up. They said that they enjoyed the class. I am not sure if they will be up for going to the class each Saturday morning though.

When we picked the girls up from Sunday school yesterday, the teacher said that Rachel was sleepy toward the end of class. When we got her home she felt a little warm. I checked her temp and it was around 101. She feel asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. When she woke up, she was croupy and her temp was 103.6! I tried to give her Motrin, only to have her throw up all over the couch-ugh! I got Mike to go to the store and get acetaminophen suppositories and we started dosing her with that and her nebulizer. I gave her the acetaminophen and a neb again at midnight and she was fine overnight.

Rachel still had a temp today and stayed home home from school, but not high enough to have to give her anything today. She is still croupy too and has laid around on the couch most of the day. Allison is complaining of feeling tired and having a sore throat too, so she also stayed home today . Leah sounds stuffy, but has no complaints, thank goodness.

My week is now suddenly less hectic. I was supposed to take Rachel to Orlando tomorrow to see an ENT for an audiology test. Since she is all congested, it would not make sense to test her hearing right now, so I changed that appointment. Since she was also still running a temp this afternoon, I canceled her speech therapy in Orlando tomorrow too. I also had to cancel my six month check up at the dentist this morning. It will all catch up with me when I have to get it all rescheduled!

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