Sunday, March 20, 2011

Say What?

Rachel came home from school  the other day with red paint all over her shirt.  I asked her what she painted and she said, "Shirt."  No kidding. 

When I pack Rachel's lunch for school, I always ask her when she gets home what she had for lunch.  It is always interesting to hear what she says.  She usually says, "chicken."  I will tell her I don't think she had chicken because that is not what I put in her lunchbox.  Then I ask her again and she will answer, "ham" which is what was actually in her lunchbox.  I will ask her what else she had, and she will name the other things in her lunchbox.  I am so excited that she is able to remember and name the things she ate.  I still cannot count on her telling me the right answers, but she is getting there. 

Rachel is also becoming a tad bit bossy.  She will now tell me she has made and mess and that she wants me to go clean it up!  Can you believe that?!  LOL  She will come up to me and say, "Mess" and I will ask her if she made a mess.  She will say, "Yes."  She will then say, "Clean up?" and I will say are you going to clean it up? She then says, "No" which is followed by, "Upstairs."  I ask her if she wants ME to go up stairs and clean up her her mess and she says, "Yes."  Little stinker!

Rachel has also perfected the disgusted teen attitude.  You know the one.  When they cross their arms across their chest, take a deep breath and say, "humph!"   She has been walking the dog with me lately and wants to constantly run.  Well, the dog has to do his business, and that requires him to stop periodically (he also has to sniff every verticle surface he can get to in order to make sure no other dog has peed on it since he last made his rounds) and eventually Rachel get too far ahead.  At that point I have to tell her to stop and wait for us to catch up.  That is when I get the attitude.  She turns around, says "WALK!"   I say for her too wiat, and then crosses her arms, stomp her foot, puts her head down, and says, "Humph."  Girls...........what to do with them! 


  1. Oh my goodness! She does sound like she's pushing your buttons! When I asked Beth questions, I always gave her a choice and she always chose the last thing:

    "Beth what should we have for dinner, chicken or speghetti?"

    "Pasghetti."(At 26 she still pronounces it that way.)

    "What? Speghetti or chicken?"


    Didn't matter what you were asking, she always chose the item spoken last!

  2. So funny to read your stories. She sure is growing up fast!