Friday, March 25, 2011

You Learn Something New Everyday

The camera was sitting on the kitchen counter Tuesday night and Rachel picked it up and was carrying it around.  She loves to look at the LCD screen.  You are always at risk of losing pictures when she does this, though, because she is quite capable of getting to the "delete all " button, no matter how many steps it requires to get there.   I know this from experience.  I asked her to give the camera to me and forgot about it for a few minutes.  Then Allison asked, "Did she actually take a picture?"  I was certain that she had not, as she had never been able to do that before, but I turned on the camera to see.  I was expecting to see nothing new, and at the most a picture of Rachel's fingers, but this is what we found!  

Well, you cannot argue with a picture.  Rachel is the only one not in it.  Turns out she can not only delete pictures, but she can take them too. 

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