Sunday, February 26, 2012

Better Late

Okay, so Leah's birthday was January 3........her party was January 27th.....her birthday post is February you see a trend here?  I have been late with everything lately.  Having a birthday right after the holidays is tough for me and therefore, for Leah.  I never even get a chance to think about Leah's birthday until about December 27, and it always surprises me to realize, at that point, that it is just days away.....ALWAYS!  Another trend you might see here is that I am a slow learner!

Anyway,  I am finally posting a picture of my now ten year old.  Another kiddo in the double digits!  The day of her party she wanted her hair crimped and she picked out a t-shirt and earrings she got for Christmas to wear to school.  She came downstairs, and I just couldn't believe how grown up she looked (and color coordinated for that matter, she doesn't usually excel in that department!)   


Don't ask me to explain the moustaches, no idea!  The mariachi and (teeny, weeny) sombreros went along with Leah's "taco" theme.  Hope no one considers any of this politically incorrect............ late Happy Birthday, Leah Bear!!   

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