Friday, February 24, 2012

Change Is In The Air

Rachel has struggled this year in school.  She started the year not following directions and generally being disruptive in the classroom.  Not really sure how much of that has changed, it is just that the school stopped sending home daily reports.  They said it was too much work.  That or they saw that I was posting it on my  blog hahaha! 

I pushed to keep Rachel included in the regular classroom as much as possible and was glad when she was kept in the regular classroom with an aide back in the fall.  At that time, the district put a new math and reading program in place, too.  I had high hopes, but math (number recognition, actually) is still a struggle and the reading program is a joke.  Now, here we sit, three quarters through this year with nothing to show for it.  Last year was a waste, too, when the school took away the original VE teacher and brought in a brand new teacher who seemed more than overwhelmed with the class.  How can it be that I have let two years get by me?    

It looks like it is time for me to rethink my plan.  I spoke with a mom who recently moved her daughter out of Rachel's class to another school and is loving the change.  I have decided it is time to look for another option too.  Last week I went to a meeting about a new charter school that will be opening in the fall.  It will be for children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.  They will take 30 kids the first year and will have three behaviorists on staff.  After talking to one of the behaviorists, I handed in an application for Rachel.  There is still lots to talk about with the school and more information to get from them about what they can do for Rachel, but not matter what she will be doing something different this fall.        

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