Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama 2012

These pictures were taken with my camera after it started malfunctioning, so some of them are pretty blurry, but they capture the fun on our trip home to Alabama this summer. 
Rachel LOVES to swing!!  And she loves it even more when Daddy Hawk does the pushing.  She would not let anybody else push her.

Taking a break from the summer heat.  I swear it is hotter in Alabama than it is in Florida.  At least to our part of Florida. 

More swinging!  I love all the trees in Alabama.  Yes, we have trees here, but a lot of them are palm trees and here on the coast, even the trees that are not palms, do not get very big. 

Rachel learns to drive the tractor.  Daddy Hawk has all kinds of cool things to drive.  The hard hat was too big and was slipping off her head, so she did not like wearing it!

Getting some assistance from Daddy Hawk.

More swinging.........

My fellow classmates from 1982!  Not everyone attended, but yes, I graduated with a very small class.....sixteen to be exact.  It makes for fun reunions, because you know everyone.   We only did the name tags, because we did a school wide reunion. 

We celebrated Hannah's 12th birthday will we were there.

The girls go to experience some rural Alabama, and got to ride in the back of a pickup.  We were just riding around on some land that used to belong to my grandfather and now belongs to my uncle.  It sure brings back lots of memories to see that place again.

The girls got to see the horses!  The highpoint for Rachel, of course.  She is actually in this picture, but all you can see are her pink sandals.  The was getting a treat to give to the horse. 

Ask to girls to pose for a picture and you get a bunch of whining about it, but try to pose in a picture with just your sister and cousin and this is what you get!  LOL

I wonder what was going on in her head!  She was thinking this is really cool, or these people are crazy to be riding in the back of a pickup. 


The girls thought it was sooo cool to ride around in the pasture with the cows!  Funny, we grew up doing it, and never thought that anyone could think of it as a treat.  Usually if we were riding around the pasture, we were heading to do some work......pick blackberries, muscadines, etc. for my grandmother to can.  Wish the girls could get to do that too!

We made our annual trek to the cemetery to put some flowers on my mom's grave.  I cannot believe she has been gone 25 years.  I used to wonder why my grandmother had pictures of headstones, and now I am taking pictures of them.  I guess it is a sign that I am getting old!

The trip is over and we were headed back to Florida.  Looks like everyone was just a little bit tired! 

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  1. Somehow I never saw these pictures. It looks like we had one heck of a time!!!