Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words From The Sick Ward

Maybe all of us are finally well. Mike seems to finally be over the flu. It really hit him hard, and he was down and out for over a week. The girls and I had to take Tamiflu to hopefully keep from catching it too. Don't just get this stuff on a whim, it is expensive!! I guessed it worked though, because despite the fact that all of us girls have had a fever, sore throat, cough, or a combination thereof , in the last week, none of us felt bad for more than a day or so. Leah missed two days of school with a fever, Rachel missed one and Allison missed one. Unfortunately, I don't get to miss days! I never really felt too bad though, just a little achy and sore throat.

Hopefully everyone will stay well, because I am heading out of here on Thursday to go to Texas to visit with some friends. That means Mike is on his own for five days. The girls are a little concerned. The scary thing is that he has to get the girls to school three days. I hope he can do it. He was asking me if he could just let Rachel stay all day at school so that he could just pick up all the girls at the same time. I said that that sounds like a god idea, but , "remember, the girls do not go to the same school!" "oh, yeah, " he said. Be afraid!! He is already telling me to leave lots of notes! I am really looking forward to the trip. I will get to visit with two friends that I met in the Florida Keys twenty years ago, and I will also get to hang out with the bunch of friends that I worked with for several years in Texas. It will be a lot of fun. Going without the kids will be a nice (and NEEDED) break.

Here is a picture of the girls that was taken last week when Leah lost her tooth. This is the pose the girls wanted to do. Goofy is the only word that comes to mind here.

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