Monday, July 27, 2009

Rachel's Room

Rachel has turned into my little teenager. She loves to go to her room, close the door, and turn on her music. Yesterday, she had been in there a little while when I decided to go check on her. This is what I found.

Rachel had decided to change clothes. She loves her horse shirt and apparently wanted to wear it instead of the shirt I had dressed her in. She almost got it on right.....and all by herself!! She had just decided to ditch the shorts all together. Notice her red eyes from swimming in the pool and her lack of glasses because she broke them.

I guess she had considered changing into a dress, but after pulling every dress she owns out of the closet and throwing it into the floor, she apparently could not find one she wanted to wear. Notice the stuffed animals all arranged on her bed. They are all facing the pillow where two groovy girls appear to be holding court. Also on the floor are about 130 pieces of craft styrofoam. Rachel has recently decided she likes to empty the bag and throw the stuff around the room.

She is in her room now..........probably trying to recreate the scene. I am hoping the closet purge is not going to be her new "thing".


  1. Love those Groovy Girls in charge of the bed!

    The mess making sounds so very familiar...

  2. Rachel you are the one patootie cute enough to single handedly bring back the Jennifer Beals look.
    Very fashion forward sweet thing...
    Viva la (fashion) revolucion !!

    Love your passion!

    Aunt Rosie

  3. I love all the stuffed animals that are facing the groovy girls! Morgan's eyes look just like that after she swims too. Actually her eyes and nose all get red and irritated. I'm just glad she loves to swim!