Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a busy week leading up to Christmas. On Sunday the 20th Leah and I went to see the Nutcracker ballet. After the ballet, we met up with Mike, Allison and Rachel and the big girls went ice skating. Cocoa Village has an outdoor rink in the park along the river-the same park where we have our Buddy Walk-and the weather was chilly, so it was a great day to try it. The girls had a good time. Rachel is still too small for the skates, so she played on the playground nearby.

Monday, Rachel and I had to drive over to Orlando to see the ENT for a follow up after the tube insertion. The doctor said everything looked good and Rachel passed her hearing test this time! Yay! Funny thing is that since getting the tubes, she has been blasting her tunes on her little radio she got in October. I would figure she would be able to hear it better now! Go figure.

Tuesday I finally made it to the grocery store to stock up on supplies and after that I made one final trip to Walmart and Target. What a wonderful feeling it was to finally be done! I got home from shopping about 10:30pm and then sorted through all the Santa stuff. Mike and I were up until 1:30am! Uggghhh!

Wednesday the girls and I did some house cleaning-FINALLY-and then baked cookies. I was surprised that the girls pretty much did the cookies all by themselves. Rachel was not into it, so it was just the big girls. Thursday I started baking again for our Christmas Eve dinner. Leah was a big help with that, and it was fun to have her in the kitchen. After lunch, our company arrived. We went to church at 5:30pm and sat down to dinner about 7:00pm. I think Rachel was hungry, because she sat down at the table a good 20 minutes before it was done and just stayed...........waiting.

Christmas morning the girls were up at 7:00am and ready to check out their loot. They got lots of stuff and since it was off and on cloudy and rainy, I was glad that they did not have any outdoor toys this year. That is a first for us! Allison got a Netbook and guitar: Leah got a Lego pirate ship and Littlest Pet Shop; and Rachel got a Kidz Bop CD, a Tinkerbell game, and a Leapster toy that teaches how to write your abc's. She likes the CD the best.

This weekend we have been beyond lazy and have done nothing. My sister came over to visit for a little bit last night and her two girls are staying with us until Monday. Leah and Allison are LOVING that. The girls really love to be together, but they are hard to take when they are all together!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas! Love all your decorations outside!!

  2. Great pics! Mr. K looks terrific, and I am very impressed with the girls' baking and decorating skills!