Saturday, December 12, 2009

It Is Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas.....In Some Ways

Over the last week I have managed to finish up most of my Christmas shopping, finish putting up the lights outdoors, finish putting the Christmas cards together, and finish wrapping presents. So, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas!

It is not starting to "feel" a lot like Christmas, though. It has been really hot here, with the temps in the 80s! Sunday we loaded up the kayaks and kids and went to the lagoon for a few hours. The weather was beautiful.
This week is the last week of school for the girls before the Christmas break. They are getting excited! They are already starting to check out mentally. Leah just totally checked out today and stayed home. She got up complaining of a sore throat and stomach ache. She put on a good show, so I let her stay home. By 9:00am she was up watching TV and playing Wii. She has been fine all day! I think I have been had!!!!! So, you know what is going to happen......she will complain again tomorrow, I will make her go to school and they will call me two hours later to tell me she threw up or is running a fever and I will look like the mean mommy!

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  1. The tree looks great! The kayaking does too. We're hoping to get our kayaks out over summer too.