Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time Is Slipping Out Of My Hands

Okay, so I have not posted anything since before Thanksgiving! I have no idea where the time has gone! We went to Grandpa's for Thanksgiving. He lives just an hour and a half North of us, so it was a nice trip. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

Allison makes brownies.

Rachel hangs out with Mildred......and surprisingly, Mildred seems to like it.
Grandpa enjoys the weather.
Leah takes over Grandpa's chair!

We came home from Grandpa's on Friday, and my sister came over with her girls for a short visit. Allison and Leah were so excited to get to see their cousins!!! Saturday, Grandpa and Lou came down to visit us. They spent Saturday with us and headed to the airport Sunday morning to get Lou back to Vermont. Saturday evening we (me and Leah) put up our Christmas tree. Leah was a great helper, hanging around for most of the hard work. Allison and Rachel came in at the end and helped hang ornaments. Putting up a tree goes so much faster when you have three little people to eagerly (fight over) hang all the ornaments.

Where was all this help when I was putting the tree together and stringing the lights?
Rachel had a great time helping this year.
Today, Rachel and I were up before dawn to drive over to Orlando for surgery. Rachel had tubes placed in both ears. We had to be at the hospital at 6:15am and we are an hour and a half away!! Rachel did great and we were home by noon!! Kids are so tough! Now she is in the living room dancing to the music on one of her favorite movies. The doctor said to get her to rest today, and I figured that would be easy. I assumed I would have her sleeping on the couch all afternoon, but apparently she is feeling better with every passing minute. She is wanting to drink and eat, but the doc said to take it easy until dinner tonight, so all she has had is Gatorade and crackers. She wants milk and pasta with cheese!

Rachel watching a movie just before going into surgery this morning.

Here is Rachel post op. She looks a little tired, but doesn't seem any worse for wear.


  1. Yay, nice to read your blog - I've been missing it! That's great Rachel has bounced back so quickly after surgery. The tree looks great. You were lucky to have so many helpers. We're going to decorate tonight.

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