Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did You Know..............

Below is a short video of Leah reading a Thanksgiving fact at her Thanksgiving party at school today.

Leah poses with her golden pineapple/turkey center piece. It is really cute, but what a waste of a good pineapple! Fortunately, Publix had them $2 off! There are two pictures here because Leah wanted to make sure that you could see both sides.... : )

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!! We are going up to Palm Coast tomorrow to visit with Grandpa over the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister might come over here on Friday with her girls for a little visit too. It is hard to believe it is Thanksgiving, because it was 80 degrees here today.

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  1. Oh those turkeys are so cute. I bet they smelled good. I like pineapple:)