Monday, November 16, 2009

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The weather here in Florida has been beautiful! Saturday the girls had a Fall Festival at their school. I had to be there to volunteer from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to have an excuse to sit outside! Below is a picture (albeit a blurry picture) of the girls riding the little "train" at the festival-Allison and Rachel are together and you can see Leah in the back in the blue shirt....I have no idea who the little girl in the front is, but she sure seems to be having a great time! Rachel liked that. The big girls had a blast playing in this huge blowup ball they were calling the hamster ball. You could crawl into the ball and run inside it....the kids looked just like a hamster running in those little plastic balls. They loved it, and the grownups got a good laugh watching!

Today Rachel's class had a field trip to Publix. I had no idea until the girls started school that you could go to a grocery store for a field trip! Allison did it in Minnesota, and I thought they did that because there was really no where else to go in Duluth. I was really surprised to get down her to Florida and have more trips to grocery stores. I have now been on the Publix field trip three times! It was somewhat interesting the first time, but it is starting to wear thin now. Rachel was not too interested in the goings on, but she did keep her little hair net on this time. On her first trip to Publix, I had to put the hair net back on too many times to count. Hair nets and children with sensory issues do not go together!

When the kids got back from their field trip, they got to play on the playground for a while. Rachel was glad to get back to the school and swing. She spent most of her time on this swing. Out of all the swings on the playground, the teacher tells me that she will only swing on this one. After watching her on the playground, I now know how Rachel manages to carry home a handful of mulch from school each day! She loves to drag her feet as she swings on her tummy.

Unfortunately, this is going to be another busy week. Tomorrow, Rachel and I have to go to Orlando for speech, Thursday I have a field trip to the beach with Allison, and Friday is a Thanksgiving feast with Rachel at her school. At least we are running around in gorgeous weather!! I love the cooler days of "winter."

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