Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Has Come And Gone.....

It looks like we are all well again. Hope that will last for a while. Rachel finally made it back to school last week. It turns out that three of the four students in her class were out the same week she was with the same symptoms. Fortunately all the little one were well and back at school last week, and everyone was in attendance for the Halloween party on Friday. All the kindergarten classes dressed up like scarecrows and paraded through the halls of the school. The older students line the halls and cheer the kindergartners as they march by. Everyone seemed to have a good time. After the parade, the kindergarten classes had their Halloween parties. Below are some pictures of Rachel in her scarecrow costume and at her party. She enjoyed the Cheetos at the party, but was not so keen on all the attention her little friend was giving her........he was distracting her from her food!

Friday we jumped into the holiday mode and carved pumpkins. Due to the heat and humidity, you cannot carve the pumpkins any earlier, because they don't last long. I had to put them in the trash today because they were already yucky! Gotta love fall in Florida. Below are some pictures of the girls and their pumpkins. Don't let the pictures fool you.....I had to do most of the work. The girls were eager to get started, but it did not take long for them to get bored with it and ask me to do it. At least they picked out the faces that they wanted. Rachel was not interested at all. She decided she would rather go up stairs and listen to her music while we did the carving.

Saturday, the big day was finally here! Leah REALLY loves Halloween and was so excited to finally have it here. They tried to occupy their time with playing outside, but kept coming in complaining of being bored and asking how much longer before they could get dressed up in their costumes. I made them stay inside after they came in around 4:30pm. It was so hot out, I figured it would do them some good to come in and rest a little and cool off before they had to head out trick or treating. Finally the time was upon us and they girls were able to put on their costumes. I was sooooo happy that the girls had costumes that required very little work this year-no makeup, no hair paint, no wigs. They were able to get dressed without my assistance! Well, Rachel needed assistance.......and some convincing. She dressed, or more accurately, I dressed her up as Snow White. It was an old costume of Allison's but still in perfect condition. As soon as I got it on her, she started saying "Off." I was not sure I was going to be able to keep her in it to go trick or treating, but she quickly got used to it and seemed to understand that wearing the costume meant getting to go out with the big girls. She even kept the little headband on, which really surprised me. Not only did she stay in her costume, but she walked the whole neighborhood with the big girls. Usually we do half of the neighborhood, we stop by the house and drop Rachel off and then finish off the rest. This time Rachel would have none of that, and she made it all the way through. She had a GREAT time!

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