Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank Goodness For A Slower Week

I am glad that last week is over. It was busy. Tuesday I kept Rachel home from school to take her to Orlando for a check up with the ENT and audiology and her speech therapy. Before we could head to Orlando, we had to run Leah and her tortoise to school for show and tell. Leah was student of the week, and it was her day to bring in five things that tell about her. I took the girls to school, went to Leah's room for about 20 minutes, and then Rachel and I headed back to the house to return the tortoise to his home. Then we headed to Orlando. At the ENT appointment, the doctor told me that Rachel had fluid in her ears and that her hearing is not 100% so he wants to put in tubes....yuck!! I thought we were going to make it without having to do tubes since Rachel didn't have them when she was smaller. We will be doing that December 8th, and it will make for several visits over to Orlando. I am not looking forward to that. At least the surgery is quick and does not have a painful recovery like the tonsillectomy.

After the ENT we played on a playground for about an hour, ate lunch in the car with Rachel watching movies and me working on my Sunday school lesson, and then headed over to the speech therapist. The offices are only seven miles apart, and I was able to work the appointments on the same day, so that was convenient! The therapist that we have been seeing, told us that she would be leaving the practice in January....uugghh! We really like her. We were seeing the therapist that founded the group, but one day had to reschedule with this therapist and found Rachel really worked better with her. We have also seen a third therapist at the office that does not work well with Rachel, so I am not sure what we are going to be doing in the future.

Wednesday, Leah was home with a fever. No other symptoms really, so she was back at school again in Thursday, thank goodness. Not sure if that was a good thing to have her back so quickly, because it meant I had to go to two lunches at school. It was the school's annual Thanksgiving lunch, and they invite all the parents to attend. Leah and Allison both still want me to come, which is great, but I hate sitting through lunch in the cafeteria with what seems like 100,000 kids! From the school I had to run to the grocery store. I had put that off as long as I possibly could. I did make it home with about 10 minutes to spare before the girls got home! As soon as the girls got home and ate a snack, it was time to take Rachel to horse back riding. The weather was very pleasant and breezy. Hopefully, the really hot weather is gone for the winter.......I will keep my fingers crossed for that!

Friday I spent the day trying to catch up with stuff around the house. I just hate house work. The place starts getting dirty before I even get done! Saturday had us back at gymnastics. I swear that the weeks are just four day long now. Every time I turn around we are having to go to gymnastics. Rachel is loving it, but it's a 20 mile drive. I wish it were closer. Mike had to leave Saturday morning and fly down to the Keys for some airshow/work thing, so the girls and I just hung out around the house Saturday afternoon. I watched the Alabama football game alone and kept texting Mike with the score because he did not have a way to watch the game.

Sunday was another nice day. It was warm, but not hot, so Rachel and I spent the afternoon, walking and biking around the neighborhood. Rachel just loves to walk. Unfortunately an uneven sidewalk tripped her up and she scrapped both knees, but she kept right on going. I finally walked too far for her and ended up carrying her for a the last little bit of the walk. I had no idea that I could wear her out. She usually is fussing when I am done that she wants to walk more!

Below are the school pictures for the big girls. Rachel's picture came earlier and is posted in an earlier post.
Leah Second Grade. Allison 5th Grade.

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  1. Great photos of Leah and Allison!
    Your week left me feeling tired, just reading about it. :-)
    Shame about the grommet surgery soon but good to know it'll help with the fluid build up. Maia has an ENT appointment tomorrow!