Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where is Santa Claus?

For the last couple of days, Rachel has been saying, "Claus" which means Santa Claus. To try to figure out what she is talking about, I have to play twenty questions and she tells me yes or no. I say, You want to see Santa Claus?" and she says, "Yes." I ask where is he and she says, "Right there!" pointing to nothing in particular. I have been telling her he is probably busy in the North Pole and that we cannot see him right now, but that has not deterred her. So yesterday, I decided to try to figure out if she was talking about something else. She started saying "Claus" so I asked her to show me where Santa Claus is. I have been wondering if she was talking about a movie that I just could not think of. A few minutes later she came down stairs with a pair of sandals and some socks. We put on the shoes and she got my shoes for me, then I asked her where was Santa Claus. That is when she opened the door to the garage and pointed to the car. We don't take the girls to see Santa, so I am not sure where this is coming from, but at least now I know what she is not talking about!

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  1. That's cute. Hope you can work out what she IS talking about soon. Might have to go for a drive!