Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank Goodness It is Friday!

It has been a busy week here. Saturday and Sunday Allison had to work on a science report and diorama. When Allison has to work on something, I have to give her my full attention. She is not one to work well on her own. She needs constant prodding and encouragement. Either she is totally clueless as to how to pull everything together into a coherent project or she has me fooled into doing a lot of her project for her. Anyway, together we got a decent project put together and turned in.....I have not seen my grade yet.

Monday was my day to get things done around the house, including washing clothes and cleaning pet cages. Tuesday Rachel and I had to go to speech therapy in Orlando. Wednesday was my day to volunteer at the schools. Rachel's teacher really keeps my busy.....I was at her school for 4 1/2 hours! Thank goodness Leah's teacher never has much for me to do, usually no more than an hour. Thursday I was back in the road heading to Orlando for a conference on assistive technology. This conference was huge and had all kinds of devices for the disabled. I was there to look at devices that Rachel might be able to use to help communicate. There were some interesting things there and it has really gotten us thinking about what we might be able to do to help Rachel tell us what she is thinking. Thursday afternoon it was off to horseback riding with Rachel. The weather was beautiful so it was nice to get a chance to just sit outside and take a breather while Rachel was riding. Today, I managed to get to the grocery store. I have come down with a cold and am dragging today, so I have not been very productive.

We were supposed to drive up to Palm Coast to visit with Grandpa and Aunt Rose tonight, but she got sick and did not make it down from Massachusetts this weekend, so we won't be making the trip tonight, but we are still going to try to drive up tomorrow and spend some time with Grandpa. The girls are looking forward to that.
Tropical rain forest diorama. Allison and I take a break from dioramas to ride Mike's trail bike from 1974. This thing sat in our garage forever, and he has actually gotten it running again.....probably just to make a liar out of me. I always told him to get rid of it because it would never run again. Rosie, we did not take out any swimming pools ;-)

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