Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Six Year Old Teenager

One day this week, I went into Rachel's room to see if she was ready to come eat breakfast. She was sitting in her floor listening to her CD player and reading a book. I sat down to look at her book with her, when she proceeded to point and tell me "Door!" I then asked her did she want me to leave and she said, "Yes." Not only did she want me out of her room, but she wanted me to close the door behind me. When did she turn into a teenager?


  1. That sounds just like Morgan. If she is dancing or singing and I decide to play along with her thinking she'll think her mommy is so cool but it never works out that way instead she always gets mad and says, "Stop it, mommy!"

  2. That's so cute! Hope it doesn't happen too often though ...
    When Maia wants some space she will smile cheekily, wave and say "bye!"

  3. And that one is SO Sofia. At radiolog today (see my blog) she would not let me sit near her in the waiting room - she wanted to watch Tom & Jerry in peace.