Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Own Money

Leah and Allison have been working really hard lately to earn allowance. A week ago Friday, they came running into the house to ask for money to buy something from the ice cream truck. I told them if they wanted to buy something, they needed to use their own money. Leah was okay with this and quickly grabbed her money and headed out the door. Allison had to try to negotiate because she is trying to raise money for a rabbit and did not want to spend her "bunny money" on ice cream. After about ten minutes of negotiations, she decided she would just not buy anything. As soon as the ice cream truck came into the neighborhood, she came flying into the house to get her money, saying she just couldn't say no! Later that evening she blamed me for making her spend her money!! I don't remember what Allison bought, but get a load of the Popsicle Leah got. I had to laugh when she pulled it out of its wrapper.

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