Thursday, February 25, 2010


Allison and Leah had their book fair this week, and as usual, they came home with something other than a book. It seems the "must have" item at the book fair this year is an erasure shaped like a miniature cell phone. They both came home with one yesterday and proceeded to spend the afternoon and evening having conversations with each other on the erasures. They each picked a ring tone and when one calls the other, they will sing out the ring tone of the one they are calling. Apparently, that is how one knows that their erasure is ringing! At bedtime last night, I went into Allison's room and she was quietly studying the erasure. I told her it was time to go to bed and then I turned out the light. She said, "Wait, don't turn out the light yet, I was texting!" I told her since it was an imaginary phone, she should just imagine that she is texting the right letters!! Funny how much fun a kid can have with a $1 erasure. It really makes me hate that I have spent so much money on all the electronic games!

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