Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Has It Been A Week Already!?

Where does the time go? When I last blogged, I had two sick girls. Leah's test results came back on Friday, and she did indeed test positive for strep. Good thing I took her in quickly and got her going on antibiotics. I usually will wait a couple of days to see if they get better, but since we knew we had been exposed to strep, we got her and Allison started on antibiotics quickly and they recovered pretty quickly too. Finally, on Friday of last week I had all three girls back in school for a change. Rachel has remained healthy, thank goodness. She started having a runny nose Saturday morning, and I decided to keep her home from gymnastics so as not to share our strep with anyone, but later in the day she was fine. I felt so bad, because Rachel really wanted to go to gymnastics and I apparently kept her home for no reason.

Rachel went in to see the endocrinologist on Monday. She goes in every six months for a check up. She has gained a little over a pound and has grown about an inch and a half since August! She weighs in at 31.5 pounds and measures 41 inches tall. Not very big for a six year old, but she is growing. The doctor said her lab work looked great, so we won't have to see him again until August. Rachel will be going in to see the ophthalmologist next month and I need to get her an appointment with an orthopedist soon, because she is outgrowing the inserts she wears in her shoes. Speaking of shoes, she got a new pair this week and has been having to get used to wearing bigger ones. She stumbles a lot, but the teacher says she has not fallen down. Guess she is getting better with her balance than she used to be, because new shoes used to guarantee a skinned knee. Sometimes she is looking so grown up these days!!!

And speaking of grown up..........we got a flyer in our mailbox the other day from a girl in the neighborhood who wants to babysit. I thought, "Great, nice to know somebody is willing to watch the kids!" As I read further down I noticed that the little girl is about the same age as Allison. When did I get a daughter that is almost old enough to babysit? I became giddy with the thought that not too long from now, I will have a built in babysitter!!!! Mike and I were talking with Allison and telling her she could start baby sitting in about another year, and she was so excited. She made it known that she wanted 25 cents an hour. I told her she had a DEAL! I wonder how long I can get away with that rate?


  1. :-) Great everyone is well again now.
    That's so funny about Alison's babysitting fee! Somehow I don't think that rate will last long at all.

  2. What a great resource!