Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Down.......

We had a busy weekend. Allison had her best friend over on Friday night. Her friend moved to Wisconsin a little over a year ago, and was in Florida visiting family, so needless to say, Allison was very excited to get a chance to visit with her. Saturday I took all the big girls to a place called Funtown. It has a roller skating rink, an arcade and laser tag. The girls had a great time running around there for a couple of hours. Rachel stayed home with Daddy since she cannot skate, and I was glad she did, because it was really loud in there and she would not have liked that.

Sunday Mike packed up and went to Grandpa's and the girls and I packed up and went to my sister's. My sister's youngest turned seven on Valentine's Day, so we went over for a little family party. The girls went bowling and had a blast. It turns out Rachel likes to bowl. It is so funny to see her try to pick up a six pound ball. You would think it weighed a ton! I have to help her carry it and then try to "roll" (more like throw) it, but she has a great time. At one point, I thought I would just bowl one frame for her because she had just gotten some french fries and was busy eating. I rolled one bowl and turned around to see her standing behind me ready to take her turn!

Since the girls had Monday off for President's day, we spent the night with my sister and stayed at her house until after lunch on Monday. The girls love hanging out with their cousins! Leah complained of a sore throat Monday evening and ended up staying home from school on Tuesday. Allison came home from school Tuesday afternoon complaining of a sore throat and headache. By evening they were both running fevers. My sister called me during the afternoon and told me that one of her girls was just diagnosed with strep, so I got Leah in to the doctor and got antibiotics for her and Allison. Both Allison and Leah have stayed home from school today, but the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick, and they seem to be feeling much better today. So far, Rachel is fine. I hope she stays that way. That reminds me........I need to get her in for blood work this week because she has to go in for a check up with endocrinology on Monday!! Yikes, I had almost forgotten about that! I guess I will try to do that when she gets home from school.
This is how Leah and Allison have spent their day. I guess I better get them going on home work soon! That is going to be fun........I am sure I will be hearing about how bad they still feel!

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