Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cousins Are Cool Too!

We had a fun time last weekend.  The cousins came over to spend a few days with us.  Nothing is better than having the cousins least according to Allison and Leah.  Rachel seems to like having them over too.  She doesn't really play with them when they are here, but she gets excited when we talk about them coming.  It is tiring having five little girls running around the house and always saying they are hungry, but it is nice not to have Allison and Leah complaining about being bored, so in a way it is a break for me too. 

The girls arrived Saturday evening, and they all got into the pool immediately.  They got out for a short time to eat dinner and then were back in until almost 10:00pm.  Rachel does not last that long, but she was in there with them for a while.  Sunday, we packed up and went to the beach.  I cannot believe we have been twice in one month!  We are practically beach bums now.......well, compared to our usual of two trips in a year.  The girls had a great time and I managed to get enough sunblock on them for a change.  When we got home the girls spent another evening in the pool.  Rachel was done with swimming after the beach and would not get into the pool. 

Monday we went to Funtown.  It is a local roller rink that has arcade games, laser tag, and of course, roller skating.  I actually got Rachel some skates for the first time, and let her give it a whorl.  In order for me to be out on the rink with her, I had to wear skates too.  How you are supposed to stay on your feet and hang on to a 6 year old that has no concept of how to skate is beyond me, but I gave and shot and we only went down a few times.  At least I manged to make all the falls happen in slow motion and no one got hurt.  We made it around the rink twice.  It felt like it took us an hour and half to do it, but it was probably more like 10- 15 minutes.  It nearly killed my legs, arms and back and I am still a little sore today.  When we got home the girls spent another

Tuesday, we just hung out around the house, and my sister arrived around 3:00pm to pick up her girls.  After three days, I think they were all glad to get a break from one another.  They would never admit that they have had enough of each other, but we had some pretty grouchy girls for most of Tuesday.  They will get a break from each other for about and week, then the cousins are back over for another weekend visit when my Dad comes down from Alabama for a few days.  We are all looking forward to really, we are!

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