Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Visit

My Dad came down from Alabama July 9th and stayed with us until the 15th.  During his visit, my sister drove over from Tampa with her two girls and spent the weekend with us too.  It was a nice visit.  As always, the cousins had a great time and were as silly as ever.  Sunday, we took the girls ice skating.  I decided it was time for Rachel to try it out, so she got on the ice for her first time.  The rink rents out walkers to the new skaters, and it worked quite well for Rachel.  She had a blast.  I figured she would be done after one lap around the rink, but she stayed on the ice for the whole hour and didn't want to get off went the free skate was over.  We will definitely have to take her back!  Leah and Amelia decided they need the walkers too, so we looked like a bunch of old ladies going around that rink. 

Hannah will be having a birthday on July 22nd, so we had an early celebration while the family was all together.  She will be 10!!  Another kiddo hits the double digits. 

One night we attempted to do a family Wii tournament.  Turns out only Rachel and the grownups were interested in playing.  I am embarrassed to say the the next day I was sore!  It is a lot of work to flap your arms to make the chicken fly......and the boxing was no piece of cake either.  Jane and I went head to head in the boxing ring, and worked out all those pent up frustrations from childhood.

The last night Daddy was here, everyone enjoyed hanging out with him on the couch, even Cookie.  Unfortunately, Rachel went to bed before I remembered to get a picture.

Just before Daddy left, I remembered to get a pic of me and my sister with him.  Too bad I did not plan it when we could have looked better.  I am not liking my new camera, either.  It is 14 mega pixels, yet most pictures come out fuzzy!  It does help conceal my wrinkles though!  Hmmmmmm, maybe fuzzy is not so bad after all!  Wonder why my side of the picture is more fuzzy than my sister's.  Wonder if there is some built in wrinkle detector on this new fangled camera!!   


  1. Jeepers, I look so old!! Have I always looked this droopy?