Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in January, Pictures That Is

December had us...........

decorating........Notice the wonderful help I had putting up the outdoor decorations.  They were no help with the stuff on the ground, but had a fit to get on the roof.  I probably should not have let them up there, but they had the best time just sitting up there.  Well, actually they complained that all I would let them do up there was sit, but they did have a good tme checking out the bird's eye view.  

baking is so nice to have the girls old enough to do them on their own.  They used to want to make them, but quickly lost interest and left me to finish them.  Now we can all all work together, or they can work on the cookies while I move on to something else.  Rachel did not take an interest in the cookies.  She does not even like to eat them, silly girl!

making candy........I tried my hand at making divinity again.  I had tried it once in the past, and it did not work at all.  I had lots of help this time and we actually pulled it off despite dropping my brand new candy thermometer in the boiling syrup and having to use a 40 year old mixture to try to stiffen up the candy.   I think the mixer just about gave it up right there at the end, but we did it!   

eating lots of sweets........The finished product.  
celebrating..........Christmas Eve dinner was shared with Grandpa and our dear friend, Regina.  

unwrapping presents............The big girls could not wait for this part of Christmas.  It is fun to have Rachel old enough to be interested in this after all these years. 
playing with the new toys Santa brought.........Rachel never really seems to pay much attention to what is going on around her, but she was just precious Christmas morning when she walked out of her bedroom and looked downstairs.  Her eyes got big and I asked her what did she see.  With eyes still the size of saucers she said, "Christmas!"  Once downstairs she immediately took to the new Woody doll and played with him most of the day. Who new the doll talked so loud!  Rachel has an older Jessie doll and you can barely hear her talk, but this doll is LOUD!  Did not notice that at the time I got it.  

hanging out with Grandpa..........Grandpa actually came down and spent three days with us.  He usually zooms in and out much too quickly, so we were delighted to have him come down and stay with us for a couple of days. 

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  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Your tree is beautiful!