Monday, January 31, 2011

Why, Yes They Do!

Well, it turns out you can indeed grow tomatoes in January!  Allison planted her little garden back in the fall, and I was not sure if the plants would do anything in the winter.  It is usually warm enough here, but I was not sure if the number of hours of sunlight would have an effect.   This winter has been another unusually cold one, so we have had to cover the plants and put a light out there to keep the plants from freezing three times already.  It has been warm enough the last several weeks, so maybe the really cold temps are over for the winter.  Allison's plants have started producing quite a few tomatoes now, and she is so excited.     

The plants are even starting to send up new shoots.  It won't be long before we will have more tomatoes than we can eat.  Allison, always the entrepreneur, wants to set up a produce stand and sell her tomatoes.  Got to love the optimism of a kid! 

Right now, Allison's biggest costumer is Rachel.  She LOVES the homegrown tomatoes and will go into the refrigerator, grab a tomato, and eat the whole thing! 

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  1. I love home grown tomatos! Chuck has a garden in our backyard and I think the tomatos were my favorite.

    Good job Allison!!