Saturday, January 29, 2011

SeaWorld 2011

Last Saturday we went to SeaWorld for the day.  Allison got to go to Aquatica for her birthday a few years ago, so Leah wanted to go to a park for her birthday too.  Aquatica is a water park, which is not an option for a January birthday,  so Leah picked SeaWorld.  It is one of our favorite parks in Orlando.  It was a pretty chilly day, but that really seemed to knock down the attendance, so we had a great day.   

Here we are at the stingray touch tank.   You can touch and feed the rays, but we just watched.  Lots of the local birds hang around the exhibits taking advantage of all the fish that get fed to the animals in the park.  Do you see the big white birds in the foliage in the middle of the tank?   

We decided to pay a little more to feed the dolphins.  That was really cool!  Rachel did not like it at all, and yelled, "no, no, no, no, no"  every time I tried to lift her up to see over the wall.  The seagulls were very aggressive around this exhibit.  One flew in and took Allison's fish-he snatched up the paper tray and flew way with the tray and all of her fish!  

This shot may explain why Rachel did not like looking over the wall.  This is what she would she when she looked over the wall.  Looking into those mouths full of teeth can be a little disconcerting. 

Getting ready to watch the dolphin show.  We were lucky to get a front row seat right in the middle.  Well not exactly the front, we made sure not to sit in the splash zone. 

The girls rode the kiddie roller coaster a few times.  If you look close you can see Allison and Leah in the car in the left corner.  Rachel l really liked it too.  As soon as the ride came to a stop she said she wanted to go again.

Rachel also really liked the large playground too.  It is really just a maze of tunnels and nets, and Rachel could not walk across the nets very well, but she kept asking for more. 

Here you see me and Rachel trying to walk across the nets.  Mike was laughing because he had already had his turn in the rope trap with Rachel ,and he knew how hard it was to get across. 

We bought the fun passes that are available to Florida residents.  They cost the same as a regular ticket, but allow you to go back to the park for the rest of the year for free.  Hopefully, we will get back over there again soon, before it gets too hot.

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