Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day At The Beach

I stopped at the beach a couple of weeks ago to watch the waves and ended up enjoying the wildlife.  I love to watch the shore birds dodge the waves. 

Looks like one guy got a meal.

Lots of ghost crabs were out running around too.

The cicadas were out singing their songs.  They were so loud as you walked through the vegetation on the dunes.


  1. I would like to be close enough to tbe beach to just stop by and watch the waves. If I am going to live in Florida, then I should at least have that benefit! Those are really pretty pictures. You should post them on fb. I think they might be considered "important" enough to share! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I also wish I lived close enough to the beach to watch the waves! In Seattle, we're near water, but no waves. There's just something about the ocean...